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Red & Blue

It started when I was trying my hands on the Unreal Engine 4. I wanted to learn how to set up a team-based LAN game in it and decided to look around for learning materials. There quite a few tutorials and manuals, but I couldn't find one which told me all that I wanted. Then I came across an open-source unreal project about a local and online multiplayer game, so I decided to download and reverse engineer it. I tore apart all the blueprints and classes in it to understand how they worked, then recreate them into another project with modifications according to my need. Since this project was only for learning the purpose and I was not thinking about hosting it anywhere, I decide to use many assets for the original project. As a result, the difference was clear, mine was not even close to the original. Since I have not added a lot of the features like online multiplayer, different game-modes and player classes it looked pale in comparison. But I was still satisfied as I have fulfilled my main objective, learning how to set up a team-based LAN game in unreal Engine.

P.S. I don't remember the link to the original project right now, but I leave it here if I ever come across it.

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