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This happened when I have just started working on Unity3D and only game I have made was a roll-a- ball game from its tutorials and messed around with its standards assets. At that time I learned my university was hosting a game jam since I learn faster when there is a challenge, I decided to participate in it. I thought, Once I knew the theme I would decide on game-play and then try to find out how to make it. So on the day of the jam, I went to the site expecting to be told the theme and duration of the jams. To my surprise (and other participants also) it was an on-site 3 hours Game Jam happening right there and then. As a theme, we were just supposed to a game with at least two levels. I decided to just go with the flow and use what I knew. But still, I didn't want to make a roll-a-ball, so just change the ball with a standard third-person character. Then I just adjusted the camera script, made item collection, timer, scoring, obstacles, and level script, created the two levels and I was done in quite less than three hours. To my surprise, I actually won the Jam because I was the only one how bothered to make two working levels.

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