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These are not actual full-fledged games, but some of the game functionalities that I was testing out and were in presentable formed.

Multiplayer AR

A system to set up a marker-based AR environment with multiple spawnable characters and with each player being able to control one.

P.S. Transform sync is implemented but not animation sync.

Inventory System

An inventory system, to save the player's inventory, his equipped gears, and his stats in a JSON format using scriptable Object.

  • Multiple methods to sort the inventory.

  • States get updated as the items are equipped.

  • Multiple classes of items with different rarely.

  • JSON is saved as binary to avoid outside interference.

Some Android Builds

  • A paper Toss like set up that calculates ball speed and direction according to touch swipe.

  • A MCQ quiz that loads questions from JSON.

Solar System

They made us set up a solar system in Unity3D in the first week of my Unity course in the Game Tools minor.
I thought it came out pretty good.

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