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BattleON was the first game I ever made, and my stepping stone in the world of game development. I decided to participate in multiple events in my universities tech fest and one of them was a game development competition. At that time I didn't even know which tools were used to make games, so I decided to start by looking into them. Since I was only beginning I decided to go with a 2D game and found GameMaker was quite good for them. So, I started to look into its learning materials and made a turned based game. But it still didn't have an AI at that point and I didn't have time to make a good one with the remaining time. Because I didn't want to have a boring AI, I decided to turn it into a 2 player LAN game. Since I had some experience in networking I thought it would be easy, which it was not but I was still able to complete it in time and to my surprise win the competition. 

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