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Threshold Shift

This game was my final project for my Game Tools Minor during my Bachelors. It is a straight forward FPS game with all the basic FPS goodness, the core gameplay is to find a way out of each level but the game mechanics are different for each level. Its has three levels :

  • The first level is a maze with fixed enemies as turrets.

  • The second is an escape room with no enemies, but puzzles that you need to solve to unlock the Exit.

  • The third level is again a maze made up of interconnected similar-looking halls. These halls contain player tracking enemies in the form of large robots, pick-ups(health and ammo) & switches that needs to be turned on to unlock the Exit.

This game is made using Unity, and since I didn't even know the basis of 3d Modelling during that time, all the assets are from the Unity asset store.

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